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KW Teens

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4-4.45pm
£6.50 (£50 per month membership)


This class will commence at our BRAND NEW venue and we can't wait to announce it!

All three classes per week will be capped at x12 girls to ensure they receive the most attention in their sessions.

We will take them through the fundamental movements in strength and fitness.

We will focus on different areas of the body each session and build their strength, fitness and not to mention their confidence!

These sessions will set your teen girls up for their future, they’ll be inspired to work hard and focus, not just at the gym but in life too.

When training at KW Fitness you don’t only get a fitness lesson you get a life lesson, about how to progress in life with the confidence you gain from training, about diet and making good lifestyle choices.

I can’t wait to get stuck in and inspire our teens to get out their and chase their dreams!

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Boxing Bootcamp

Tue and Thur 9.30-10.15am

We’ll be covering the whole body doing full body workouts.

Boxing bootcamp/boxercise, will be a non-contact HIIT boxing session, using partner pads and drills, so will have all the benefits and fun of a boxing class without the bruises, This is a fun and challenging workout which is great for releasing stress and letting off steam.

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Running Club

Tuesdays 5pm

We will meet at KW HQ for a steady run down to the Tyne and back, we will cover a max of 5k/3miles and run at a pace of 9-10 minute miles which is a very average speed to cover a lot of abilities. You will get faster and fitter fast with these consistent runs, so try not to miss.

Due to weather conditions this class may get cancelled as it is outdoors and it is not pleasant or safe to run in particular conditions in a group.

Wear light wear, avoid water bottles to keep you as light as possible and bring your music should you desire.

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Strong: The Gun Show

Wednesday 5.15-6pm

In this class we will focus on your upper body. We will be using a combination of lifts at heavier weights to increase your upper body strength. This will help to increase bone density making you stronger and more agile.

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Stretch & Core

Wednesdays 7.00pm

Join us in our beautiful studio for a fabulous stretch and core session.

Please bring your own matt and towel

We have small matts to borrow or larger yoga matts available for purchase.

After my many years as a dancer and professional performing life I have trained and developed my own stretch and core programs which have kept me mobile, aligned and injury free over the many years of intensive shows and training.

Stretch and core are the most forgotten about sessions in the fitness industry and yet the most important.

See yourself in splits or simply avoiding accidents and injuries by having more mobility when you move and a stronger core.

All levels welcome. Bring your own Matt. We have small ones at the studio or yoga matts for purchase

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Strong: Peachy Queens

Thursdays 5.15-6pm

Ladies, the class you all desire... A class focused on building strength and shaping that booty. This session will focus on the lower body, incorporating movements that focus solely on your legs and glutes. This will develop strength in your lower body a well as shaping and enhancing your glutes and legs.

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Sweaty Saturdays


Lets just say...BRING A TOWEL

All levels

All movements

We get our heads down and we sweat ;) 

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A fabulous METCON which focuses on strength, technique and cardio fitness. A fun class for early risers wanting to spike their feel good vibes before the sun rises. 

For days & times of classes please refer to our full timetable

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KB into Pilates

KB into Pilates: A fully choreographed and structured Kettle bell program designed to give you a full body workout and a skilled training with kettle bells, guaranteed to build your confidence with this amazing piece of kit.

Pilates will cover a huge range of stretches and core movements to enhance your flexibility and mobility. Fabulous class for all especially those suffering with joint pain, mobility and core issues.

For days & times of classes please refer to our full timetable

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Chaos Fitness Class

A 45 minute class which uses bootcamp style training with weights, HIIT, cardio and partner work to get the best all round workout in 45 minutes.

We always work the core, butt and arms and have a nice stretch post workout. Bring a friend along for the Choas bootcamp and feel the burn together.

For days & times of classes please refer to our full timetable

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KW HIIT Fitness Class

A 20 minute body weight workout, perfect for a fast blast to get the heart racing and body shaking. Focused on all areas of the body, you really feel full of energy after KW HIIT.

For days & times of classes please refer to our full timetable

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