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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave reviews on Facebook, take a look at a few of my reviews below. To read more of our reviews please visit my Facebook page...

Facebook Reviews

Jessica Louise Metcalfe

Karleigh has given me so much help and inspiration. I have a 2 week tailored eating plan for when I am on board the ship and she is always on hand when I have any questions or concerns. I also love my 6 week work out plan, it pushes me but is also easy enough to fit into my schedule. I never thought I would run in my life but I actually love it now. She also checks in with me every now and again to make sure I’m still on track which I really appreciate. All in all I can’t recommend her highly enough! I feel great and can’t wait to see more results. If you are thinking about it JUST DO IT!

Sarah Raeburn

KW has literally transformed my relationship with food. Really informative and now have the tools to continue my journey. Over a stone lost and feel so much more healthy
Also given me the motivation to meet goals in other areas of my life. The time she gives as support is unreal and she is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. Thank you! Such a good decision contacting you

Annie Clucas

I have been on the eating plan now for 3 weeks and let me tell you I am amazed at the difference I see in my body. Anyone who knows me knows I struggle with my weight and find it hard to stick to anything. But with Karleigh it’s easy I don’t even feel like I’m ‘dieting’. She has changed the way I look at food and made it more of a life style change. If I can do it anyone can. I can’t wait to start the gym programe and watch my body continue to change !! Karleigh is always messaging me to check up on me and support me and answer any questions I have ! I really couldn’t recommend enough !! If you want to change not just your body but your mind set and life style for the better, Karleigh is your girl !! Thank you soo much !!!! 

Tessa Hull

I asked Karleigh for help because working on a ship makes it real easy to make excuses for why you can’t work out or you can’t eat a certain way, and she has such a great no nonsense attitude. She answers questions at all time of the day and celebrates every sweaty selfie - AND tells you when to get a grip when you need it too! I’ve never felt better, and think about food and exercise in a different way now, well worth the time, effort and money!

Jade Wadham

I absolutely cannot recommend KW Fitness enough. Karleigh is on the other end of the phone 24/7 to answer all my questions and generally just to inspire me. She made me a full meal plan catering for my very unique lacto-Ovo vegetarian diet with vegan weeks in there as well! Every single meal is absolutely delicious. I absolutely love the workout programs and the variety throughout the entire week. They are challenging and push me within my physical capabilities. So glad I signed up to this program!

Mandy Mands Linsley

Loved my first chaos class with Karleigh tonight. Such a supportive group who really encourage and get the best out of you. Karleigh is amazing at showing you proper technique to make sure you are getting the most out of the session. It really is a class for everyone. Being a total beginner, I was worried I was going to struggle but I can honestly say I loved the challenge and we had fun along the way. I will be back!!!.